There is a chronic electricity supply shortage across Africa. The 48 Sub-Saharan countries have a combined installed generation base of only 68GW, according to the African Development Bank Group. This is roughly equal to the generation capacity of Spain, a country whose population is less than 5% that of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wind, solar, hydro and biomass projects will play a major role in meeting Africa's growing power needs. Renewable energy is a natural choice for much of Africa given its vast available resources. Renewable energy is also attractive as it is relatively quick and cheap to deploy on a small scale compared with fossil fuels.

Our renewable solutions help to mitigate rural electrification challenges and add power to the established grid.

Bio Gas

Biogas is an environmentally friendly method of turning waste, into renewable fuel. Turning waste into renewable energy can provide you with substantial savings on energy...

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Hydro & Wind Energy

Drawing from the topography of our grass field areas, we have enormous potential of micro hydo energy in many localities...

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Solar Energy

With numerous products to choose from, our goal is to simplify solar power and installation. Our team is skilled enough to handle complex installation projects, yet small enough to give every customer the time and attention they deserve. We offer a variety...

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