Renewable Energy

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Innovative Solar Solutions

We Design, Develop, Install and Maintain renewable energy systems that are accurately adapted to local needs, are flexible and scalable. They include:

  • Solar Systems for homes 
  • Solar Mini Power stations for villages and communities off the grid
  • Renewable hybrid systems (solar-hydro-bio)
  • Inverter design and supplies
  • UPS systems
  • Solar water supply systems
  • Solar street lighting
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Solar Refregiration Systems
  • Solar Irrigagion and Gardening Support Systems
  • Renewable Energy Consultancy (Solar, Wind, Biogas, Thermal)

Hydro Power

10 - 300KW Indegenously Designed Plants

Do you have steep rivers that flow all year round? Is your community suffering from low or no power supply? You don’t have to wait for a meeting. Just contact us now and we will start working on a project that will change your community forever. Our hydro solutions provide electrical power that will facilitate and upgrade:

  • Agro processing, Timber sawing,
  • Textile fabrication
  • Cooling / Heating
  • Drying, Domestic Lighting,
  • Radio and Television, etc. 
We design, build and maintain the systems, ensuring that they run sustainably with the least maintenance inputs, making our costs cheaper than any other alternative source. Since we will work with you in the process, your initial inmput will be minimal, and we can help in securing startup funds from different sources. Get to us now and let’s get started. 

We Make Waste Work

Biogas Solutions

We design and build biogas plants in order to put your waste to work.

Every day we strive to turn our client’s waste into valuable resources, in a bid to leave the world better than we found it. We’re committed to providing clients with realistic, achievable, and agile solutions.

Our work is grounded in deep anaerobic digestion understanding and experience backed by rigorous engineering. As an experienced biogas engineering house, our clients include both small and large facilities including: food producers, wastewater treatment authorities, council waste management authorities, energy companies and agricultural clients.

If you’ve got some waste, then we’ve got a way to turn that dirt into dollars!

Let’s Work Together

Start your project with best pricing and a friendly team, dedicated to innovation and excellence.